Ideally, the bachelor party is a bash thrown by the groom’s friends as a token of love for all those “bromance” moments which will no longer be as frequent as they used to be due to the entry of the “main romance”. It is also a night dedicated to the groom before he says “I do” and bids farewell to his single carefree days. If you happen to be planning a bachelor party for your friend who is about to get married, then these tips will surely help you out.

Make A Plan

The first step to organizing a party is to get all the groomsmen in one place and decide on the date, time and venue. If it is difficult to meet up due to the busy schedules of your friends, it would be ideal to create a group chat dedicated to organizing this event. Once the date is set, it’s time to decide on a venue, taking the groom’s preferences into consideration. Nowadays, bucks parties in boats are all the rage and this would be something that the groom will surely enjoy. So, choose something unique like this rather than opting for the usual clubbing scene.

Start Delegating The Tasks

Guys are known to be lazy and quite forgetful at times too. Moreover, they aren’t as picky about the details and often fail to pay attention to the tiny details when organizing a party. This is why it is important to work as a team and get everyone to include their ideas. That way you will know exactly what to include and what to avoid. Once the plans have been made, it’s time to allocate different tasks to each individual. One person handles the cake whereas the other has to take the responsibility of getting the club passes and so on.

Sort Out The Cash

Guys can be quite forgetful at times and you wouldn’t want to chase after a friend for payments once the party is over. In such cases, the chances of receiving your money are quite slim and the likelihood of a misunderstanding being created is quite high. Therefore, you must ensure that you take the deposits from each individual before you make the bookings and make it clear that those who do not pay before the deadline will be taken off the guest list.

Get Help If Required

If you cannot put in too much effort into organizing this party owing to your busy schedule, then it’s always best to get the help of your friends. However, if they are of no help either, then you can hire an event planner who will take care of all the details such as booking the venue, sending out the invites, organizing the food and drinks and even mailing the reminders before the party. So, include the planner fee when splitting the total costs so that everyone has to contribute towards this as well.

With these tips in hand, you will surely be able to throw an epic bash and make your friend’s last few days as a single man quite memorable. So keep these tips in mind if you want to help your friend bid adieu to singlehood in style!

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