It will not be an exaggeration if it was told how important that the ALs exam was in the Singaporean education context. Given how this is what decide whether you will have the chance to get into a university or not, you shouldn’t meddle with it. As a parent, it is your duty to help your child in every way, while making a good environment for them to prepare for the exam. In this article, we will be talking about 4 fundamental tips on working towards a high result.

  • Choose the right institute

Different schools have different teachers, different facilities and hence the different teaching patterns. Given how this is the place they will be spending most of their time during their secondary education, it is important that you choose a good school for this milestone of an exam. This technically encourages parents to get children out of mediocre schools and get them enrolled in international schools preferably. This allow the children to get the best education in the right way in the first place.

  • Invest in extra education too

Sometimes, what you learn at school is not enough given the grasping capacity of everyone. But in the context of singapore a levels, no excuse can be accepted. But most of the time, if the school is good enough, and of the chosen school has proudly produced rankers from this exam, then it is a good sign. However, depending on the nature of the situations, parents must try their best to get the enough education that their children need.

  • Review all the questions ideally

Students should know that experience comes with practice; especially in an exam like this. If you know the reason why and how the answer comes, then that is a great thing; but ideal reviewing involves talking about the reasons as to why the rest of the answers are wrong. This comprehensive reviewing of questions will allow you to connect too many subject matters in a very clear way.

  • Be in touch with all the subjects

Just because you are done being taught of a lesson never means that you should just let it be like that until the days are closer for that exam. You need to ensure that you have absorbed all the necessary subject matter in the right way. This would allow you to feel confident when you know that you know the approach for all the questions; since that is all that matters in this exam.

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