When you are working on electrical devices, it is important that you create a good understanding about what passive devices and components are because they play a crucial part in making certain features of electrical circuits possible. Without the passive components of an electrical system, there is a high chance that you will not be able to create a stable circuit.

This article is a guide for beginners to create a good understanding about passive components. Having a great understanding about the passive components is essential when it comes to choosing the right passive components Singapore. Here is an essential guide:

What are passive components?

The passive components that will be used in an electrical circuit will not be used for generating energy but instead, they used for storing and dissipating energy. Without passive components, it will be impossible to create passive components. Keep in mind that passive components cannot be used for amplification, directionality of gain of current. Moreover, these passive components can be connected together to bring about the right outcome in the electrical circuit that you are working on.

Resistors and resistance

One of the most commonly used passive components are resistors. Resistors are used to add resistance to the electrical system. Resistance can be applied to a circuit to decide on the ease of the current passing gin the electrical system. The more resistance the system has, the current will be passing through at a lower rate. The value of resistance is measured using the ohm value.

Capacitors and capacitance        

One of the passive components that is used to store power is a capacitor. A capacitor will be storing the power electrostatically due to the presence of the charges in the two plates.  The capacitance of a system is resembled by ‘C’. Depending on the amount of energy that you need to store in the system, the type of the capacitor that you should use will differ. Therefore, you have to be careful when you are choosing the capacitors. Look into the different types and their features so that you can pick out which is best for your requirements.

Inductors and inductance

Another passive component that is used for the storage of power is an inductor. An inductor will be storing power by using electromagnetic energy. This means that it does a job which is similar to capacitor, however in a different way. The inductance of a system is represented using ‘L’ and is measured using Henries. The current is stored int the coils of the inductor.

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