If you’re looking for a multipurpose item that doubles as a decorative element while serving its purpose, area rugs are what you need. Aside from maintaining the cleanliness of your floors, it also adds style and life in your home décor. Rugs make your floor look complete, just like how decorative wall hangings complete the look of bare walls.

The type of rug you choose speaks a lot about your personality and style preference. You can either choose one that blends in well with the whole design of a room or pick a bold one that makes a statement and catches the eye. No matter what style you like, it will surely look great when used the right way. Here are some of the different uses of area rugs in your home.

Add Life to a Pathway

Hallways and pathways have this tendency to be dull and unwelcoming spaces. Many people think that since people will just pass by through it, they don’t need to beautify it anymore. However, these spaces have a huge impact on how welcoming your home will appear to guests you receive.

Installing a rug along a hallway adds style and a pop of colour into that dull space. It draws the eye into a fun visual pathway rather than a bare hallway. You may also try putting a stair runner that matches the hallway rug for a more cohesive look. If you’re looking for some best rug companies USA has some good ones that has it all.

Sound Absorber

Unwanted sound is one of the common issues if you have tiled or wooden floors. It might be fine to hear your footsteps while walking in the living room but quite a nuisance to someone sleeping or resting in the bedroom. To make your every step quieter, adding an area rug to a room is the best solution. It absorbs sound as you walk, making it quitter as you walk around.

As a Decorative Wall Hanging

If you have smaller rugs that you think are too lovely to be stepped on, why not turn them into beautiful wall hangings instead? Aside from being turning a wall into a feature space, it also helps soundproof your room because of its sound absorbing properties.

Create Different Zones

If you’re home has an open plan space, placing rugs on every different spot helps divide the whole area into different zones. Be sure to choose the right rug that fits the room where you’re planning to put it. For hallway rugs, choose ones that are made from durable material that won’t easily wear off even with heavy foot traffic. In the bedroom, soft and cushiony ones are the best since you need more warmth and comfort in every step especially during those cold mornings.

If you’re looking for an easy way to style your home, try adding a rug into a room and see how it transforms the look of that space instantly.

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