There are a lot of aspiring and talented artists out there and it can be quite a challenge to sell or promote their work if they don’t have the knowledge how to get started. In this article, we will be discussing five the most important tips on how you would be able to sell your artwork online in order to gain more loyal customers and also to make your craft sustainable rather than just a mere hobby. Let’s go ahead and get started.

Tip number one: Is to create a series of impressive artwork and masterpiece that you can sell. It like creating your own portfolio that would showcase your style as an artist. Your artwork should be unique and have a clear concept of the message that you are trying to convey to the public.

Having your own set of artwork will make your work look more professional even if you are just new in the artwork business. This will help convince your clients to invest in your artwork.

Tip number 2: Look for online platforms such as original artwork online singapore

where you can showcase your products aside from having physical store or gallery.

Most people are active in social media so you can also use your facebook or instagram account as an avenue where you can sell your artwork. At the same time you can personally answer any questions or inquiries that you may have.

Tip number three: Let your work be known by joining exhibits. Many art enthusiasts are often found in art exhibits and if you want to expand your network then this is the perfect place to market or showcase your work. Make sure that you are ready to face walk in clients and confidently answer each question to increase your chances of selling more paintings. Print out copies of your business card so they can reach you anytime.

Tip number four: Be proud and happy of your work. When selling artwork, you have to remember that it is the artist or the painter himself who does the sales talk and closes the deal with their clients. It is very important that you show the people how happy and proud you are so they would be encouraged to buy from you not just once.

Tip number five: Price your artwork fairly and reasonably. If you are new in the business you have to understand that it’s not fair to sell your work at a very high price because you have not proven anything yet. Maybe in the next few years you would be able to name your price as long as you have established a very good reputation in the art community.

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