If you someone from Pakistan or someone with a Pakistani background, then you would most likely know who the Dawood family is. Since many years ago, when Hussain Dawood first started the Dawood family business, he was someone who had being heavily involved in all kinds of charity work and philanthropic activities too.

This work is not something that died or stopped with his passing as it is all being carried down today by the rest of his family, mainly Bashir and Mariyam. The country of Pakistan was one that needed help in many ways and when the Dawood family managed to step up, they made sure to cover all of the bases. This is why the work they do is something so special and something to always be admired by everyone in the country and in the world. The work they did is something that is changing the country for the better even today. So how did the Dawood family change the country for the better?

Provided better health care

The health care field is one of the most important parts of every single country in the world. BashirDawood and family managed to singlehandedly change the entire medical and health care industry in the country. They managed to install new operating rooms in all the hospitals, they managed to bring in state of the art equipment and tools while providing great health care facilities for everyone. Their work made sure to improve patient care in many ways and that is important.

Provided better education

The key factor behind all the success of an individual is the education that they receive. If a person does not receive proper education or if education is made inaccessible to them, then it is not going to be possible for them to pursue their careers and chase their dreams. This is why one of the most important things that we can possibly do for our children today is to make sure that they receive the very best education they can get. This will help them gain key knowledge and allow them to pursue what they want.

International philanthropic work

The Dawood family has managed to singlehandedly change so many important things in this country but this has not managed to stop them nor limit them! In fact, it has only motivated them harder and helped them carry out their philanthropic work outside of their own country as well. This has made them rise to fame on an international level as they very well deserve.

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