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Why So Many Children Go Missing

Children are the most likely group of people to be reported as missing. Teenagers aged 15 to 17, in both genders, are much more likely than younger children to be reported as having disappeared. For parents, the possibility that a child might disappear is an absolute nightmare. But not all […]


What to Do in Australia in April?

Australia is well into autumn by April. The temperatures will be dropping, but it will still be in the 20 to -30 degrees Celsius range. Visitors can enjoy cold activities in the country‚Äôs south and head off north for warmer activities. Despite winter looking ahead, April is still a great […]

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Services that you will need for a marriage ceremony

If you are planning on hosting a marriage ceremony, it is important that you identify the services that you will require, well before the day of the ceremony. The reason is that usually these services are heavily booked, hence may not be available on the day that you require them. […]