If you and your spouse are busy working to provide for your family, you probably need a lot help in taking care of your kids. One of the greatest things that you can do is to hire a trusted nanny. However in reality it is really quite challenging to find the perfect person to be with your kid while you are away that is why you and you spouse need to use your best judgement when hiring for a nanny. Here are some traits and characteristics that you should look for.

Can express her/himself well

A good nanny should be able communicate well not just to the small kids but also to the parents. When a nanny does not interact much with the kids and parents then you need to think twice about hiring that person. It is better to look for a nanny that communicates well and asks questions whenever she needs clarifications on different things rather than someone who assumes that they know everything. Who knows if you and your nanny gets along really well then you can hire the person to work with you full time and grant her benefits line a confinement nanny medical insurance.

Knows how to follow instructions

A good nanny does not just do things her way. Most parents would love to leave short notes that contain certain instructions on how to properly care for their child. For example they would like to tell the nanny about the feeding schedule and what time should their kid teir medicines or vitamins. It is essential that your future nanny should be able to follow instructions from you rather than do things her own way.


Your ideal nanny should be well rounded and confident in what she is doing because you will be entrusting your kids with her while you are away at the same time she gets to manage the household even for a few hours a day. As much as possible do not look for an inexperienced nanny especially if you are planning to give her bigger responsibilities in the near future.

Loves kids in general

It is important for your kids to love and adore their nanny because they will be spending a lot of time together. You can see how she deals with your kids by allowing her to spend time interacting with your kid. When hiring a nanny experience and knowledge plays a big role but at the end of the day what matters is that your kids and nanny should get along together no matter what.

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