If you are planning on hosting a marriage ceremony, it is important that you identify the services that you will require, well before the day of the ceremony. The reason is that usually these services are heavily booked, hence may not be available on the day that you require them. Here are some of the services that you will need for your big day.


The venue is arguably the most crucial part of the wedding. You should look for an appropriate venue to host the function, well before the day of the wedding, so that you can have it reserved on the day it is needed. A typical venue would be at a hotel restaurant, which usually comes with an entire package. You may not need to get wedding chair hire in this case, since the seating is usually provided as part of the reservation. However, you can still look for additional arrangements in case they are lacking in arrangements. When choosing the venue, another crucial factor to consider is the location. It is going to be a lot preferable if you can choose a venue that is closer to most of your guests.



You can’t have a wedding, without having food. When looking for caterers, you will need to make sure that you can get a test sample of the food before it is served on the day of the ceremony. When deciding on the food menu, you should try to have a diverse variety so that the guests can choose according to what they would prefer. For instance, if you are going to be having guests who are vegetarian at the event, then you will need to make sure there is a vegetarian food option for them.

Event planner

Since planning a marriage ceremony involves a lot of work, you could always seek out the help of an event planner to help you with the planning. The main advantage is that they tend to have a lot more experience in hosting events such as these, so they will be able to help you with carrying out the event in a proper manner. If you are getting an event planner, then communication is going to be crucial in making sure that it goes according to what you prefer. For instance, if you want tiffany wedding chair hire, then you should let them know about your preference. The only drawback is that there is usually a fee involved.

These are three of the main services that you may need for your marriage ceremony.


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