Once the Internet gained traction and search engines became a way of life, it was clear that most marketing and promotional strategies businesses depended on would be obsolete. In a sense, they were forced to embrace change, though one cannot deny it has been quite effective, shifting the world onto a whole new timeline. That said, digital marketing involves a variety of segments, with each branch playing a vital role in the final result. At the end of the day, every company aims to improve visibility, and in turn use this to boost customer loyalty, revenue and of course, profits. SEO or Search Engine Optimization as it is also known, is a key driver in digital marketing.


We mean via social media. Even if you detest socializing with actual people, this is not something you can avoid, especially if you want to improve your SEO. Or get started in the first place. From Facebook to Instagram, Twitter and a trail of others, the options are widespread and diverse. Hence, not only should you be uploading content regularly, but you should also be tailoring this content as per each platform to capitalize on their power. Otherwise, it is all just a big waste of time.

Video Content

Sure the sanctity of the written word is still around, but did you know that according to recent statistics, over 60% of Google searches are all video? In other words, people are just looking for quicker ways to consume information, as they have increasingly less time at their disposal. Reading is a luxury today, and as sad as that might sound, it is true. Target your business marketing materials for video mostly, and back it up with content across other channels. Whether you are targeting SEO Thailand or anywhere else, this is universal.


Not everyone is always in front of a desktop or laptop per se anymore. In fact, it is far more likely that they would access any information from their mobiles or tablets; basically devices on-the-go. So ignoring the fact that your efforts should also factor in mobile-friendliness is quite stupid. Especially in this day and age, when mobile apps are now ingrained in society. They are more efficient and effective, and allow brands to liaise with their audiences much more effectively, whatever it is they might need.


Keywords, trends, new breakthroughs, everything. We live in the information age, which means that something is continuously happening around us. Being in the dark is ignorance, which some prefer, but if you are in the business world, this is not for you. Keywords are essential for SEO; these are the terms people generally enter into search engines when looking for something. You want to know what these are, and if they change after some time. You have to always remain updated on keywords, so you can be sure to incorporate them into all your online material. Something worth noting: do not overdo it. Integrate the words in a smoother way.

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