Leather is made from processing hides of animals. Animals’ hides were used as clothing which dates to the prehistoric age. It has been established that the Egyptians created and used leather. Even in regions such as North America, Asia and Europe leather was being used during the same time as the Egyptians. Leather was used as foot wraps and also as protective clothing to keep the body warm and away from the heath. The Greeks starting using leather as part of their armour and clothing too. This led to the Romans also using it in a much more beautiful manner for their clothing too.

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The pilots used military and fighter-bomber jackets during the 1920s. Forty years after later it became an add-on to the closest and became a must have jacket. It was supposed to be a super cool clothing item as actors such as Steve McQueen had a leather jacket and then later on so did Tom Cruise. There were singers such as Joan Jett, Madonna and Debbie Harry who wore leather jackets too. Even tops designers have brought in their own twist on leather jackets.


Trunks, suitcases and overnight bags are made from leather. This has become very famous not only because it is a good material for bags but also that is also fashionable. Many designers’ brands such as Ted Baker, Louis Vuitton and Chanel all have their own designs for luggage. You will be able use the leather bags for a very long time.


Leather is a vital material required for sports and this is where many suppliers make money. Leather possesses qualities that make it durable and flexible and therefore extremely versatile. Sports accessories and equipment such as gloves, protective garments, balls and paddings. The leather of the gloves helps protect the hands and also provide a good grip for the sports person. Baseballs and cricket balls are all made from leather covers with a centre that has a cork. Motorcycle racers wear suits that are made of leather to ensure that even if they do fall of the bike, they will be protected from the crash as much as possible.

There are many other uses for leather such as horse saddles, phone covers, jewellery, watches, belts, pouches and many more things. Just make sure that you know the different types of leather so that when you make a purchase, you get the genuine leather.

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