Having a solid conversion rate is crucial for increasing sales and actually making a profit from your online business. The challenge is to actually get to the task of improving the conversion rate. It’s not always as easy as doing search engine optimisation. Therefore, refer to the tips below to learn how to ideally uplift the current conversion rate of your e-store website and product landing pages:

Do Split Testing

It’s absolutely essential to conduct A/B split testing in conversion rate optimisation efforts to know what works and what doesn’t. The split testing refers to creating two different versions of your website with a single new change to see which works better for improving the conversion rate. For example, you can create two different versions of your website with yellow call-to-action buttons and red call-to-action buttons. Then gather data for traffic and conversions. If one site significantly performs better than the other in turning visitors into customers, then you know which colour to use in your final site. When doing split testing, it’s important to receive traffic from a single source to eliminate errors. Just split one traffic from a single source 50/50 and redirect to see the results.

Split testing is part of doing an audit of your website to see how effective optimisation tactics are. It can be challenging to perform these specialised tasks on your own. Therefore, it’s highly recommended to work with expert Shout best SEO agency to analyse the existing conversion rate and to implement new tactics.

Making Buying as Easy as Possible

Make it super simple for a customer to make a purchase from your website. That is the best way to motivate them to make a purchase in the first place. The pathway to buying a item from your site should be really obvious. Don’t let the customer spend time figuring out how to make a purchase. There shouldn’t be too many checkboxes to fill out before the final checkout. To make the process easier, show the shopping cart in every page. There should be “buy now” buttons visible next to all products on display. Also, don’t offer too many choices because customers would then just be overwhelmed to choose just one. Just show customers what to buy and tell them how to buy it right away to drive sales.

Have a Great Value Proposition

When a potential customer visits an e-store, the first thing in their mind is, “why should I buy from this site?” They may wonder if other sites have better products or prices. Your value proposition the thing that tells customers why they should buy from you. For example, your site may have the only products of that kind in Australia. You may offer the best prices or the fastest shipping. Likewise, develop a unique and highly compelling value proposition to convince visitors to buy.

Eliminate Distractions

Is your website trying to get prospective customers to sign up for an email list at the same time it’s trying to get customers to make purchases? Distractions will certainly hurt the conversion rate. As mentioned above, don’t confuse customers with too many choices. Get rid of distractions and create a sales funnel to truly drive conversions.

Follow the above advice and the conversion rate of your website would improve without further delay.


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