Australia is well into autumn by April. The temperatures will be dropping, but it will still be in the 20 to -30 degrees Celsius range. Visitors can enjoy cold activities in the country’s south and head off north for warmer activities. Despite winter looking ahead, April is still a great time to tour Australia. The burning heat of the summer is long gone, and there are plenty of holidays, festivals and other events to enjoy. If you are visiting Australia in April, here is a list of activities to enjoy and the best places to visit.

The Grampians National Park in Victoria, Australia

Attend Anzac Day Festivities

The biggest April holiday in Australia is Anzac Day, which falls on the 25th. Anzac Day celebrated Australian soldiers who went to fight in WWI. The holiday commemorates these soldiers with a respectful Dawn Service. Most cities hold Dawn Services on the day that Aussies and tourists alike are invited to attend. The service included remembrance activities like singing hymns. But there will also be parades, gun salutes, and meals. There’s a special snack for the day: Anzac biscuits. Anzac is also a huge day for Australian football as well. The game is widely played because the soldiers of the past loved football. Tourists should plan early and book AFL Tickets to enjoy the best games of the day.

Enjoy Australian Easter Festivities

Australia’s Easter is demure but one of a kind. The Easter holiday week is great for indulging in seasonal delicacies and attending entertainment events. If you are in Sydney, you can enjoy the amazing Royal Easter Show. There will be various food festivals to attend as well. Music festivals are also very common during the holiday week.

Visit the Great Barrier Reef in Queensland

Forget that it’s autumn. April is the best month to visit the Great Barrier Reef, one of Australia’s best-known tourist attractions. The weather is warm or mild during the month, the perfect condition to go on an off-coast tour. Rain showers are may occur, but the weather overall is more manageable than during other months. Therefore, tour this amazing wonder of nature in April to get a clear view underwater. Visitors can also try snorkelling and diving.

Go to the Gold Coast

If you are into water sports, then head over to the famous Gold Coast. The temperature is just perfect for enjoying any watersport you like in this coastal area. The summer is considered too hot for the gold coast, so cooler autumn is really the best time to visit. The mild weather plus the Easter holidays make the Gold Coast a top attraction in April.

Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.

Sip Wine in Barossa Valley

If you want to enjoy the mild temperatures and enjoy a relaxing getaway, then head over to southern Australia’s Barossa Valley, one of the best wine-growing regions on this side of the Pacific. Visitors can tour the lush vineyards and sip on fine wine. The dining options are truly delectable this time of the year as well.

Australia is suitable for visiting all year around. If you want to enjoy sunny but cool climates, April is the best month to visit.

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